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CNC Lathe Machining
Computer Numerical Control or CNC Lathe machines are used to produce parts by turning a rod of the selected material and feeding various cutting tools into the material at varying depths and angles. This machinery allows us to produce very precise parts with minimal or no secondary processing.
Main Products
Our metal lathe turning equipment and experience in CNC lathe machining enable us to meet the needs of a broad range of customer applications. Routinely producing precision metal parts with diameters as small as 0.012” (0.31 mm) and lengths as short as 0.032” (0.81 mm), our equipment can also accommodate lengths up to 12” (304.8 mm) and diameters up to 12” (304.8 mm).
We employ our multi-purpose lathe equipment and CNC programming expertise to create an array of surface shapes, from the simple to the complex and including cylindrical and conical shapes. For precision removal of metal, our skilled machinists utilize a remarkable variety of techniques and our flexible turret slant bed lathe with a 12-position turret to achieve a wide range of part features. These include (but are not limited to) turning, boring, drilling, threading (both internal and external), internal tapping, grooving, face grooving, side turning, profiling, facing, knurling, cut-off, chamfering, parting off, and radiusing.
CNC lathe Machining can made these shapes like photos showed,Also , Our Precision CNC lathe Machines has been machining precision piece parts and providing value-added services for the aerospace, communication , medical, electronics and other industries like yours.

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